Jobs in USA for Indian Fresher Students

Jobs in USA for Indian Fresher Students

The US is a strong economy with a stable political environment, clean surroundings, and high growth which makes the country an attractive destination for job seekers. This makes it one of the most popular destinations for Indian students who aspire to go abroad for further studies and professional growth. However, there are many Indians who find it challenging to get jobs in the USA. But don’t worry we have got this sorted for you!

13 Effective Ways for Getting Jobs in the USA

Seeking a job in the USA seems to be a bit difficult for an overseas student as compared to US students. But here are some steps that you can take to make the process easy for you:

1. Begin Early

Start as early as you can. The jobs in the USA is pretty long so it is advised that every student should begin early as it takes longer to search for a job with an organization that will sponsor people who need work visas.

2. Research as Much as You Can

Depending upon your educational qualifications, look for the jobs available for you in newspaper advertisements. Connect with people in your industry on LinkedIn. You can also research online and attend job fairs and talk to job recruiters to find out available job positions.

3. Make the Most Use of the Resources Available

Students often neglect the resources that are readily available to them like their college or university’s website listing recent jobs. Don’t commit the same mistake and go through the website frequently to stay updated regarding new job postings.

4. Networking is the Key

It is believed that almost 70% of employment is received by building strong connections for job purposes. So, make good use of the school’s group, and have a word with the Alumni community that has been through the same experience as you which will be helpful in the process.

5. Maintain a Positive Attitude

Don’t forget that searching for jobs overseas can sometimes be tiring and disheartening at the same time. You might feel like you are working day in and day out but still, you are receiving no results. But my friends, patience is the key to this problem, so just stay consistent and have a positive approach.

6. Research About the Company

It is important to do proper research on the company where you are applying for the job. The more you know, the more confident you will be during the interview and the more will be your chances of getting the job.

7. Have Good References

While applying for jobs, you must have good references from professors who can vouch for your capabilities as a student and as an employee. This will help employers understand whether they should hire you or not. If possible, try asking professors who have good relationships with companies in their field of interest to give you a reference.

8. Resume Submission

Mail your updated resume to the company you are applying for the job. When you’re done sending your resume, always remember to follow up with the company and be fully prepared for the interview by seeking help from a variety of websites.

9. Get an Internship

An internship is an experience that provides you with hands-on knowledge of work culture and helps you build your resume. It also allows you to network with people in your field of interest and shows employers that you have some relevant experience before joining their company as an employee. If possible, apply for internships that are relevant to your career goals.

10. Verify Your Eligibility

Review the visa eligibility requirements before applying. Employers may use professional background screening firms or an employment verification service.

11. Add Skills to Resume

You should add all your skills and experiences that are relevant to the job description in your resume as well as a cover letter. Also, make sure that your cover letter is written in perfect English without any grammatical mistakes or typos.

12. Practice Communication Skills

Communication is important no matter where you go, especially when it comes to finding a job in another country where people speak another language and might not understand your accent perfectly well. So, make sure you have good communication skills and speak clearly so that people can understand what you want to say easily.

13. Give as Many Interviews as Possible

Go for as many interviews as possible, even if they’re not paying well. This will help you practice for other important interviews, give you valuable experience, and build your confidence.

Now that you know the way to get a job in the USA as an Indian fresher student. Let’s see what all job opportunities you can avail:

Jobs in the USA for Indian Freshers

The good news is, there are many opportunities for Indians to work in the USA. Let’s see a few of them:

1. Engineer

Engineering is one of the highest paying jobs in the USA. Many top companies in the US are always in search of new engineers who are passionate about their job. They are willing to pay them a good salary if a candidate satisfies all their requirements. The average pay for engineers in the USA is around $90, 844 per annum. It is also based on the kind of engineering you opt for.

2. Customer Service Representative

The responsibility of a customer service representative is to address and solve all customer complaints timely and efficiently. As a customer service representative, your job will be to answer any questions a customer might have regarding products or services offered by your company.

The national average pay for a customer service representative is somewhere around $3, 262 in the United States per month. It may vary depending on your location.

3. Content Writer

There is always a demand for content writers be it in India or the US. The major responsibility of a content writer is to write content as per a customer’s requirements. One may be writing for a website, social media pages, or for a magazine.

Average pay for content writers in the USA is $46, 535 per annum. The higher you go up in the role, the higher will be your salary.

4. Sales Executive

The task of a sales executive is to convince a customer by communicating the benefits of a product or service. They also have to actively search for new sales opportunities through networking and social media. The pay for a sales executive in the US is around $69, 188 yearly.

5. Research Assistant

The key responsibility of a research assistant is to help their lecturers and researchers in their studies. The average pay for a research assistant is $31,200 whereas experienced workers receive $ 60,000 per year.

6. Catering Assistant

Catering assistants’ job is to work as waiters in restaurants, cafeterias, or at the front office. The average salary for a catering assistant in the USA is $ 16.84 per hour.

7. Library Assistant

A library assistant must keep track of all books which are being issued to all the people and fulfil all the responsibilities of a library assistant. The average pay for a library assistant in the United States ranges from $18,000 to $33, 000 a year.

8. Truck Driving

The United States has high demand when it comes to truck drivers. They pay a hefty amount to truck drivers as they work day and night. The average truck driver salary in USA is around $82, 652.

Final Words

Job search is one of the major concerns for every fresher. There are numerous ways to look for jobs while you are in the US. But it is often difficult to get your first job. Hope this guide will help you land the job of your dreams. If you need further assistance, contact trustworthy immigration consultants in Mohali today.