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For all the aspirants who wish to clear IELTS exam and move abroad to work or study, Immivoyage consultants is the best choice.


ImmiVoyage Consultants is a recognized group of IELTS, immigration, and visa experts. Our goal is to provide the best training school for IELTS, PTE, spoken, and personal development. At Immivoyage, we try to maintain our leadership position on training requirements to help college students OR working class of people to crack their IELTS on the first try, regardless of their preference between standard teaching and training. We encourage college students to develop their strengths and support college students in describing their weaknesses. It is carried out without compromise. What sets Immivoyage apart from the rest is the professionalism and experience in exam preparation that we strive to offer.
IELTS Coaching In Mohali

Online / Offline Courses

It is essential to understand your abilities and your most comfortable mode before applying for the exam. ImmiVoyage here helps you to access both our offline and online courses.
IELTS Coaching In Mohali

Online clases

Develop your understanding of the test format and assessment criteria for IELTS speaking and writing via online mode. Practice just by sitting at home and let an experienced teacher guide you.

IELTS Coaching In Mohali

Offline clases

Teachers at ImmiVoyage have internationally recognized qualifications for teaching IELTS. They are well trained and have experience of many years under their belt.



IELTS Coaching In Mohali

IELTS General Training

This test is primarily for professionals and migrants who aspire to settle in an English-speaking country permanently. It determines your English language proficiency level in terms of real-life and practical experience. It will assess how comfortable you are with using English in your everyday life. Here also, the applicant will be evaluated based on the IELTS score. The higher the score, the closer you are of achieving your goals of working or living in your dream country.

IELTS Academic

IELTS Academic – This test determines your level of English language proficiency from an academic perspective. It is for students seeking admission to universities abroad at undergraduate or postgraduate levels. It reflects and evaluates your eligibility to study and begin training in countries that use the English language for communication. If you get nine bands, it means that you are proficient in the language while one band indicates that you cannot use the language. A good score is essential if you want to increase your chances of studying in countries of your choice like New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.
IELTS Coaching In Mohali

Immivoyage- The Way to Your Dreams

We deliver the best IELTS preparation resources according to the needs of our candidates!

Immivoyage offers the most comprehensive IELTS training available. Our program is designed to give students sufficient practice in the techniques they need to take the IELTS exam with complete confidence. Our focused training provides candidates with a solid foundation in English with which they will be able to achieve the highest bands in IELTS. We have a team of experienced and renowned intellectuals for IELTS trainers who are also certified by the IELTS testing authorities. Furthermore, our range of facilities meets the individual needs of each candidate taking IELTS training here.

The IELTS exam can be challenging if you prepare well and put in all your efforts. Also, to get a good result, you must start preparing well in advance, and this calls for professional help to ace up your preparation. The three-hour test assesses the four language skills of listening, reading, writing, and speaking. However, ImmiVoyage offers you some fantastic tips and tricks. Therefore, we have prepared some tips and recommendations for the IELTS test to help you fully prepare for the test and achieve your desired results.

Immivoyage is the definitive guide for thousands of students seeking a job or admission to a college or university. Even if there is no definite path to interview success, we can confidently say that we can make it happen for you with our workable strategies. We can improve your chances of success in job interviews. Mockups and group discussions are held to resolve the fear factor and help you analyze your positive or negative personality traits, learn about your strengths and weaknesses. At ImmiVoyage, we cover all aspects of interview preparation.

It’s time to change the way you practice for IELTS. Prepare for General / Academic IELTS with our free mock exam series and assess your exam by certified IELTS trainers. We will take your IELTS score to the next level! Keep covid-19 away and prepare for your 2021 IELTS test by practicing our 100+ FREE IELTS mock tests modules. Take our live mock tests and build your confidence in all IELTS skills and prepare to study abroad with our daily life lessons.

About IELTS Exam Format

Make your Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing Skills Perfect with Us!

IELTS Coaching In Mohali


The listening test consists of 4 sections with ten questions each. The first section consists of a conversation between 2 people, and you get to hear it. In the second section, there will be a monologue that will be applied to each social situation. The third test consists of 4 people who have a conversation about the educational or training context. Finally, the fourth section will again feature a monologue on a scientific topic.

IELTS Coaching In Mohali


The IELTS reading test lasts 1 hour. However, the tests for the general and academic modules would be different. The IELTS reading topics are carefully selected, and the answer keys are reviewed several times. The reading test consists of 3 paragraphs for which you have a total of 60 minutes. To complete the test within the prescribed time, it is recommended not to use more than 20 minutes for each passage.

IELTS Coaching In Mohali


The IELTS Writing Test is taken to test your skills and ability to write correctly. The test also determines how well you can capture their opinions and ideas, taking into account. There are two tasks in the IELTS Writing section: Task 1 requires you to write 150 words that describe a table or data set; Task 2 is a 250-word discursive essay. You must complete both tasks in one hour and get a score of 0-9.

IELTS Coaching In Mohali


The IELTS speaking test is carried out in the form of a personal interview (PI) in which the examiners assess how open you are and how well you can speak. All other tests are performed in one day, except for the speaking module. It can potentially be done in one day or take up to 7 days or so. Since speaking is the crucial part of the IELTS speaking test, the test is carried out in a face-to-face interview.

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Why Choose Us for IELTS Coaching?

At ImmiVoyage, the services we offer are a passion and an integral part of our identity. We constantly think about how we can improve the overall client/student experience. We treat the goals and wishes of our students as our goals. We firmly believe that our success lies in the success of our students. Our main aim is to promote the success of our students by developing standard international English communication skills, resulting in self-actualization and competitiveness in an increasingly global society.

frequently asked questions

You can register for IELTS both online and offline. You can fill a form online on the IDP website or the British Council website. You may pay the test fee using your credit card (MasterCard or VISA), and receive instant confirmation of your reservation. It is the best way to book your IELTS exam.

Remember to keep your passport number at hand at the time of registration as it is the only form of a valid ID that is accepted to complete the IELTS booking process.

Yes. You can change your passport number. If you request the change within 20 days, you may not be able to take the exam on the registered exam date and will have to take paid postponement to the next available date.

Yes, IELTS has two versions that serve different purposes. The IELTS Academic test is designed for students applying for higher education or professional registration in an English-speaking country. In contrast, the IELTS General Training test is for all those people who are migrating to English speaking countries for secondary education, to get work experience or attend training programs. It is mandatory for migration to Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The test focuses on necessary survival skills in broad social and workplace contexts. Listening and Speaking sections are the same, while the Reading and Writing sections differ depending on which test you take.

The IELTS test has four modules: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Listening section is of 30 minutes while 60 minutes each are allotted to Reading and Writing. Speaking section generally takes 11 to 14 minutes. The whole test lasts for 2 hours and 45 minutes. The first three parts of the test take place on the same day with no breaks between these tests. Your Speaking test will occur on the same day/ a week before/ two days after, depending on local arrangements.  

If you need to postpone or cancel your application more than five weeks before the exam, you will get a refund (after the administration charge is deducted). If you have to postpone or cancel your exam within five weeks of the date of the exam, the exam authorities will charge full fees unless you have a medical reason. In case you provide a medical certificate within five days of the test date, you will receive a refund (after deduction of the local administrative cost).   

You must carry your passport to the test room. Other than that, only pens, pencils, and erasers are allowed. So, you must leave your mobile phones and other electronic devices outside the examination room. Personal watches are not permitted in the test room either.