What Are The Different Types of US Visas?

What Are The Different Types of US Visas?

Millions of people visit and leave the United States of America every year. It’s among the most popular destinations for immigration and tourism worldwide. However, if you’re not an American citizen, you’ll probably require a US Visa to visit the country.

The United States of America is a dream destination for many individuals as they get various new opportunities to explore and have adventures. When you plan your trip to the USA, you need to get a visa, or if you plan to migrate, the process is different. The migration process depends on what types of US visas you are applying for.

All American visa types have different purposes and are used for different durations of stay. Let’s discuss the different types of visas in the USA.

Top American Visa Types

Usa Visa

There are several reasons why the USA is among one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. They possess a unique, diverse community, offer superior infrastructure, and are more easily accessible than most European nations. Therefore, potential immigrants, students, and employees move to the United States for better living standards and more fulfilling experiences.

To visit the United States of America, you need to figure out which US immigrant visa types you want. The selection of a visa depends on the purpose of the visit and the duration of your stay. America provides many types of US visas designed for any immigrant’s needs. Primarily there are two types of US Visas:

Immigrant Visas

The immigrvnt Visas are granted to prospective immigrants who are visiting the USA to seek permanent residence. They can either make plans to live or work with their spouse or other family members. Immigration Service and US Citizenship grant Immigrant Visas. Here are two US immigrant VISA types:

  • Immigration Visa based on employment
  • Immigration Visa based on family
  • Non-Immigrant Visas

These visas are the most common American visa types. They are work visas, business visas, and student visas. These visas are given to people who want to stay in the US temporarily. Each Visa falling under this category is significantly different from the rest.

For example— although tourist visas require less documentation, the student visas are issued for a longer duration. Here are three US non-immigrant visa types that we are going to cover here:

  • Student Visa
  • H-1B Visa
  • Tourist Visa

You can learn about the top American visa types, their issuance, and their purpose. Here they are:

1. Employment-Based Immigration

A person can immigrate to the USA with an employment-based Visa for work purposes. This makes the candidate eligible for PR in America. After moving there permanently, the candidate has five years to apply for American citizenship. Review the chart below to know what type of visas comes under this category:

Visa Type Qualifying Workers
EB-1A Employees with exceptional talent
EB-1B The best foreign researchers and professors
EB-1C MNC Executives and Managers
  • Employees with outstanding skills and job opportunities in the USA
  • Professionals with advanced degrees working in the USA
  • Unskilled Workers
  • Skilled Workers
  • Professional Workers
EB-4 Special Immigrants
EB-5 Immigrant Investors

2. Family Based Immigration

These visas are given to prospective immigrants who are closely related to a family member who is a permanent resident or a citizen of the US. If your relative fulfills all the requirements given below, they can help you to immigrate to the USA:

  • Immediately related people include parents, siblings, children, or spouses.
  • A distant relative may also qualify
  • for preference if you request family benefits, although very few visas are given in this category.
  • The relative’s age is 21+
  • Relative is either a permanent resident or a citizen of the USA

3. Student VISA

With the broad scope of the student visa, foreign nationals can enter the country to pursue education of all kinds and at various levels. For studying in the US, you would need a student visa. Before the candidate applies for a student visa, they must get accepted by their desired institution first. The institute will provide some supporting paperwork that you must provide during your application submission. Student Visas are of two types, and they are:

F-1 Visa: these visas are among the most frequently used visas permitted for any stage of academic study in the USA. Your application could be for any English course, school, or College/University. These are the primary requirements to obtain an F-1 student Visa. Another eligibility criterion is if your course has instructions over 18 hours. F-1 Visas are given only to candidates enrolling in grade 9 or higher. Below this, only publicly funded organizations are prohibited.

M-1 Visa: M1 visa is for those planning a non-academic course—vocational training or training in the US.

4. H-1B Visa

These visas are the most popular among Indians. They are intended for those who have specialized employment. This refers to candidates with highly specialized degrees working in distinctive positions with much to offer the American economy. These professions include:

  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Law
  • Fashion Designers
  • Fashion Models
  • Graphic Designers
  • Architecture
  • Accounting

The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree and, preferably, advanced training in specialized disciplines. As long as the education obtained passes muster when measured against US criteria, it need not have been received at a US university.

5. Tourist Visa

Tourist visa


There could be many reasons why a person wants a tourist Visa:

  • Tourism
  • Business
  • Purposes for a short period


Final Words

You will need a visa for you and your family to visit the USA. American Visa Types sometimes need to be clarified. But if you know the purpose and duration of your visit. Then you will be applying for the correct visa type. To apply, you can Contact Us Today!