A resume gives an overview of your professional qualifications,like your relevant work experience, skills, and education.


Looking for a job is the obvious step that comes after the completion of your studies. But you cannot land a job abroad without creating an attractive and engaging resume. You may be having all the necessary skills that are required for your dream job, but unless and until you don't tell your potential employers about your skills, your chances of landing that job are very slim. Therefore, a professionally written resume is vital for everyone looking to kick start their career.

It is essential to have an attractive resume as it: 

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At ImmiVoyage Consultancy, we have helped thousands of individuals realize their overseas career ambitions. You can be one of them. We will help you make an attractive resume that distinguishes you from others and attracts the attention of your potential employers. We will highlight all your skillsets and achievements so that esteemed organizations look your way when searching for employees.

We will help you create error-free and professional resumes that:

Get a resume that meets international standards

The way you write a resume at your home country may be different from, say, the US or Australia. If you already have made a resume, then we will revamp it wherever required as per the standards of the country where you wish to work. After preparing your resume that meets international standards, we will market it and send your profile to all the companies that have jobs related to your profile. 

We have experienced professionals who are aware of industry trends and have the necessary skills and proficiency in writing international resumes that are concise, appealing, and look professional. Our services also include interview preparation and job search program so that you face no problem in getting a job abroad. For availing our resume writing services, contact us today.

frequently asked questions

A common mistake in writing a resume is making it unnecessarily long by adding unimportant details. Make use of your resume to highlight your strengths and skills which are applicable for the job.

Yes. An International resume prepared professionally can increase your chances of getting a good job abroad by tenfold. It will make your resume stand out from the rest.  

Your resume should be short and concise; it should not exceed one A4 page.