We will provide you with complete information regarding the job opportunities abroad.


Many graduates aspire to work abroad in search of better opportunities and standard of living. While some want to do part-time while studying others look for a full-time job abroad. But the problem is that too many applicants apply for very few jobs. There is so much competition. That is why one must take the help of an overseas job consultant who has the expertise and guidance to help you find a job abroad. Through our job search program at ImmiVoyage Consultants, we have been helping our clients get a job abroad. We will help you find the right job and the right company for you. From looking for the job, sending your job applications to applying for it, we will assist you in everything.  

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Job Search Program

Our approach consists of:

We follow a thorough process to ensure your chances of landing a job abroad increase manifolds. Our team of job search experts will provide you with complete information regarding the job opportunities abroad and how you can secure a job for yourself. From the minimum education required for working abroad to telling you valuable tips for securing a new job, we cover everything.


With ImmiVoyage Consultants, you will discover the opportunities that suit your profile the best. We will also provide you with the tools and experience to help you apply to them with the highest chances of success. We will ensure you always have the support you need, every step of the way. Talk to us today to begin your journey to working abroad.

frequently asked questions

If you are looking for a job abroad, you must start with proper preparation and planning. It would help if you did the necessary research, zero in on the country of your choice. Analyze the possibilities of getting a job in these countries with your qualification. Get to know about the visa or work permit requirements for the countries you are interested in immigrating. Contact a reliable job search consultant who will provide the expertise and guidance to help you find a job abroad.

While doing a job abroad, you will:

  • Gain valuable international work experience
  • Have better employment opportunities
  • Get a better salary
  • Acquire workplace dynamics of a different country

Once you have made your mind to work abroad, consider the following factors:

  • The country where you wish to work
  • How long will you be staying
  • Region or specific industry that interests you
  • The work that you would like to do

Whether you get a job abroad will depend on your profile, the demand for your profile in the respective overseas nation, and whether you are adequately skilled to qualify for interviews. You can get your profile evaluated for suitability of specific overseas jobs. Hire professionals to write an attractive resume for you and market your profile on professional platforms. To get the best job, we suggest you avail professional job search services.

Yes. It will be very easy for you to get a job abroad if you study or intern abroad. Some countries allow students to do part-time jobs while studying. Certain countries like Australia and the UK even allow students to work for two to four years after they finish their studies. This post-study work experience will help you get valuable references when you start your hunt for a new job.

Yes. A Canadian employer can make more than one type of job offers- a temporary job offer and a permanent job offer. The former offer is made for a specific period, like six months, one year, etc. Individuals can only begin working, in most cases, after they receive a temporary work permit. The latter is made for an indeterminate period. Individuals can only begin working after they receive a Canada immigration visa.