Columbia tourist visa

Colombia Tourist Visa Requirements & Application Process

Magic realism is an anthem in the Republic of Columbia. This country is also home to the Nobel Prize laureate and the celebrated writer – Gabriel Marquez. This beautiful South American nation has beautiful and polarized scenery that is perfect all the way around. The stunning Andes Mountain range, Amazon forests, beautiful Pacific and Caribbean coasts, archeological remains, mythological culture, and many more make this country rather inspiring. 

If you’ve always dreamt of going to Columbia or any other travel destination, the time is now to purchase your tickets. However, besides setting up a vacation calendar for Columbia, it is best that you apply for a Columbia tourist visa. In this regard, you also need to get proper travel insurance. Finally, when you receive your travel visa to Columbia, you can book your luggage and travel to this beautiful neighbouring country.  

Everything You Need To Know For Columbia Tourist Visa: Documents, Eligibility, Application Process 

Columbia remains to be a great tourist destination for tourists who are interested in wildlife. This South American nation proudly presents itself as the second most biodiverse populated country globally. The architectural designs and art, beautiful sunny coastlines, mouthwatering food, and gorgeous Columbian folks would make one want to tour this country.  

However, there are specific Columbia tourist visa requirements and other sets of documents and formalities that you must fulfill before visiting a foreign country. So, before planning to visit the Republic of Columbia, you must be granted permission to enter the nation. This travel visa to Columbia allows you, your friends, and relatives to join the Columbian territory, start a business, or for education.  

Eligibility Criteria: 

As stated by the Columbian government in their foreign policies, one of the Columbian tourist visa requirements, as mentioned in the guidelines for all foreign citizens, must meet these eligibility criteria: 

  • One needs to have a genuine reason as to why you want to visit the country 
  • Make sure you have enough funding for the time you stay in the country 
  • Evidence of reason that will make one return to their home country 
  • The candidates must also fulfill the minimum prescribed health and character requirements 


Documents Required: 

Documents that a candidate needs to provide while applying for the visa: 

  • Receipts of hotel reservations, tickets, flight reservation 
  • A photocopy of the duly accomplished and signed application form 
  • Recommendation letter from the institution where the applicant is employed 
  • Income tax statements 
  • Evidence of having adequate funds to finance your trip and your vacation in the country 
  • All the necessary information must be provided in a cover letter 
  • Copy of tour ticket 
  • A passport that will be effective for at least six months after the period of the visa you are applying for 
  • Any recent statement from your bank 
  • Details about your itinerary 


Steps to Apply For a Columbia Travel Visa 

Getting a Colombian visa is easier since it can be done online, and the process only requires a few simple steps. Applicants can follow the steps below to submit their Columbia tourist visa application.  

  • Fill The Online Visa Application From 

Potential applicants may apply for a Visitor Visa for tourism through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Applicants are required to choose one of the nearest Colombian Consular Office at the time of applying. 

  • Submit all The Essential Documents 

Submit any supporting document online through SITAC during the application process. Submit documents in PDF format and photographs in JPG format of no more than 300 KB. Documents must be no more than three (3) months old as of the date of the application. 

  • Make Visa Fee Payment 

When the applicant completes the tourist visa application and uploads all the necessary documents, the system will issue a reference number. Use this number to pay the study fee. Make the payment within ten (10) days, or the system will cancel the application process.

  • Wait For Visa Verification Interview 

Once all the information is provided and the study fee is paid, the Colombian Visa and Immigration Authority will process the application. While it typically takes five (5) business days for the Authority to process an application for a tourist visa, the processing time can take up to thirty (30) days when the Authority requires further information/documents or an interview with the applicant. 

  • Pay the Final Issuance Fee 

The second is the visa issuance fee after getting the tourist visa approval. This fee, too, must be paid within ten (10) days, or the application is liable to be terminated. 




What Is the Processing Time for a Tourist Visa To Columbia 

It takes approximately five business days to process a visa. If some additional documents are needed or an interview, it may take up to 30 days. Colombian Tourist visas, commonly called Type V, are valid for six months and can be utilized multiple times. The visas are valid for three months to two years, depending on the planned route. You are allowed to spend up to 180 days in the country during each visit. 

What is The Validity of a Tourist Visa To Columbia? 

Colombia tourist visas (Type-V) generally have a multiple-entry validity of six months. The visas are valid for 3 months to 2 years, depending on the schedule. On each visit, you can stay for up to 180 days. 


In summary, having a tourist visa to Columbia is a golden ticket to discover the intense culture, stunning views, and much more for anyone planning to visit. The availability of various visas to cater to the different purposes of the visit makes it possible for any foreign national to have wonderful trips to this South American country. Thus, by meeting all the Columbia tourist visa requirements, tourists will feel the warm spirit of Columbia and capture beautiful memories that will remain with them for a lifetime.  

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