Canada Tourist Visa

How to Apply for Canada Tourist Visa from India

Each year, millions of tourists and visitors head to Canada to visit their family, friends or just enjoy the natural landscapes. From mesmerizing scenarios to experiencing “Balloon” or “Helicopter” over Toronto and Niagra Falls, Canada is among the most popular tourist destinations for hikers and nature enthusiasts.

However, it’s not a cakewalk to explore Canada as a tourist, considering the high level of restrictions and security that this sophisticated nation has maintained. A Canada tourist visa from India is required, except for countries that don’t need a visa to enter Canada.

Although applying for a Canadian tourist Visa from India is not challenging, it can be overwhelming for some people. This visa guide will help you understand how to apply for Canada visitor visa online and offline successfully. So, let’s begin!


1. Everything You Need to Know About Canada Visitor Visa Application

A Canada tourist visa application is an easy process that lets people visit Canada for up to 6 months. It is a special visa that the Government of Canada offers to visitors who want to enter the country for tourism. There are two categories of Canada visas:

TRV – Temporary Resident Visa

PRV – Permanent Resident Visa

Among the various types of TRV, the Canada tourist visa is one of them. The Border Patrol Officers (BPO) may approve or reject this Visa depending on whether the applicant meets the requirements set forth by the Canadian government.

Suppose a citizen belongs to one of the few nations free from requiring a visa to Canada and is flying to Canada. An ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) may be needed in that case. Remember that only a select group of nations with good relations with Canada are subject to the ETA. All Indian nationals require a tourist visa to visit Canada as tourists.


2. Eligibility Criteria

The Canadian tourist visa application eligibility criteria involve age, nationality, health standards, and specific legal documents. To get a Canadian tourist visa, make sure to fulfill the following Canadian tourist visa eligibility criteria:

Applicants are prohibited from seeking employment while on a tourist visa for Canada.

Applicants must prove that they can bear their and their family members’ expenses throughout their visit.

Some applicants from particular nations may require a temporary resident visa.

Applicants must not have any criminal background and promise to uphold all applicable laws of Canada.

Depending on the profile, an applicant might need to fulfill extra admission requirements.

People who intend to stay with friends or family should also submit invitation letters from their sponsor.





3. Documents Required

The documents are essential to determine the time to complete the Canada tourist visa application procedure. Therefore, one must avoid circumstances that could delay the Canada visitor visa application process in due time by carrying the documents below.

  • Properly signed and completed application forms
  • Evidence that you are financially stable
  • Documents of Identity and Civil Status
  • Three recent photographs
  • A passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of departure of the passport holder
  • If requested, a medical certificate attesting that you don’t suffer from any chronic disorders
  • Clearance from the police showing you don’t have any past criminal records
  • You must provide evidence that you’ll depart from Canada once your Visa expires and move back to your native country
  • Leave sanction from School/College/University and NOC from employer
  • Support/Invitation letter from Canada
  • A cover letter specifying your duration for the stay, motive, and purpose of traveling to Canada
  • Travel itinerary – accommodation proof and confirmed flight tickets


4. Benefits of Applying for Canada Visitor Visa Online from India

It is very simple to apply for a Canada visitor visa online, and it offers the following benefits:

  • Applications submitted online are processed quickly
  • Applying online makes it easier to verify that your application is finished before submitting it.
  • You can submit your application immediately without paying a courier cost or waiting for mail delivery.
  • Incomplete applications are returned back
  • Prevents any delays in processing
  • If extra paperwork is needed, you can easily submit it online.
  • You can get your application status updates on your online account
  • You are not required to present your passport until you are specifically requested for it.


5. Process to Apply for Canada Visitor Visa Online from India

Before applying for Canada tourist visa from India, you should know which way to apply- online or offline. Applying for Canada visitor visa online is one of the most practical options. Although you can also go for an offline process, people prefer to apply online as they can easily track the entire process online.

Now, if you are planning to apply for your tourist visa online, follow the steps given below:


Step 1: Create an Account


Go to the official IRCC website, create an account, check your eligibility, and fill out the application form.


Step 2: Submit Photo and Biometrics

After submitting your online visa application, you must provide your photo and fingerprints. After paying the biometric fees and application submission, you will receive a letter informing you that you must provide your biometrics. You will find instructions for the same in the letter. Only those who pay the biometrics fees will receive the instruction letter.


Step 3: Wait for Application Review by Officials

Your visa application will be processed only after the biometrics are finished. Your application will be reviewed but not processed if supporting documents are missing. To send more information, officials in your country may also invite you to attend an interview with them and undergo a medical examination.

You will receive your passport and other original documents as soon as your application is processed. Your passport will be stamped with the visa if your application is accepted. An application will be mailed to you if your application is denied.

Note: Even if you have a valid visiting visa and other travel authorization, there’s still no guarantee that you can enter Canada. On arrival, your identity will be verified at a primary inspection kiosk by taking fingerprints. This ensures that you are the same individual authorized to travel to Canada.

If you complete the identification verification and the entrance requirements, the service officers at the border may stamp your passport or inform you of the length of your stay in Canada. Usually, you are permitted to stay in Canada for a maximum of six months.


Process to Apply for Canada Visitor Visa Offline from India

As an Indian resident, the process to apply for Canada involves submitting your application through the IRCC online portal. Only tourists with travel documents granted to non-citizens, refugees, or stateless persons are eligible to apply offline.

When you are applying offline for Canada visitor visa, you must physically submit your application. Before requesting your biometric, the VAC personnel will ensure that it is accurate and complete and verify that you have paid the appropriate Canada tourist visa from India fees.

However, there are a few things you should be aware of before beginning the application process for a tourist visa to Canada from India:

  • Check to see your eligibility to apply for Canada
  • Get all the necessary paperwork for a tourist visa to Canada from India.
  • Learn how to submit your Biometrics (fingerprints and a photo); applicants must provide
    Biometrics with their initial applications. There could be some fees for biometrics at the visa service center.

Now all you have to do is wait for the results. Depending on different factors, your visa applicant may take from few weeks to even months for approval.



We have reached the final section of the blog, and we can say that applying for a Canada tourist Visa from India may be daunting. Still, with the proper planning and guidance, it could be a smooth and successful experience. Therefore, ensure you carry all the necessary documents, review the requirements carefully, and prepare well for your interview with the visa officer.

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