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When you use this website, for any kind of information, it does not by any design, establish consultant-client association between ImmiVoyage and you and who is the user or reader. As such as association may occur only in a situation where an advisory or consulting charge is given to the ImmiVoyage.

The terms and conditions and refund policy of this type of contract of engagement for using the services of the immigration consultancy, is fully autonomous of the terms and conditions of the usage of the given site.

The client should reveal everything honestly to ImmiVoyage, each and every detail involving each and every incident happened in the past, cases of any wrong doing. If they don’t disclose and if the same is found afterwards, no refunds of the money will be given.

Each and every information like change of housing, mailing address, educational credentials, change of service or company, after the submission of the petition, and while processing is going on till the time of the discharge of the Permanent Resident Permit. The client’s inability to do this will only show that no refund is outstanding of any advisory charges.

The client will appear for an IELTS test and achieve a minimum individual total of the group in every four categories, read, write, listen and speak is important for the client and as well as for ImmiVoyage.

ImmiVoyage is not responsible for any kind of assurance, advice or pledge on work, job, following an approval of permit, after landing to any overseas country.