How to get job in singapore from India

How To Get Job in Singapore from India?


Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and an economic powerhouse that boasts of an active city life which creates ample opportunities for those seeking job in Singapore from India. A cosmopolitan city attracting the deserving students seeking higher education, applicants seeking job opportunities and business ventures, this Southeast Asian nation is home to the most dedicated and enthusiastic workers. In fact, most multinational companies (MNC) have their main headquarters in Singapore.

So, the main question that every Indian has – how to get job in Singapore from India? Well, getting a Singapore work visa is the perfect way to land in Singaporean. Most Indians visit Singapore through work visa. In this article, we will discuss the eligibility to apply for Singapore visa, application process and many other aspects.

Eligibility Criteria for Singapore Visa

It is also important to briefly discuss the Singapore work visa requirements before proceeding to the steps to get a job in Singapore from India. There are conditions that must be met if you are to get a job in Singapore from India. Here are some key factors to consider.

Work Permit: To work in Singapore, you must have a valid work permit. The kind of work permit (WP) you need is determined by the kind of job, the level of education, and the type of business that you want to do.

Work Visa: To be eligible to work in Singapore, one will need both, the work permitting as well as a proper work visa. The visa depends on the country of the applicant and the length of the intended stay.

S Pass and Employment Pass: Work permits in Singapore include S Pass and Employment Pass kinds of work permit. The S Pass is for the mid skilled foreigners willing to work in Singapore, while the Employment Pass is for the foreigners willing to work as professional, managers, executive and technicians. Both have different requirements depending on the pass for which an application is being made, and the criteria can include a minimum wage requirement and minimum qualifications.

Language Proficiency: English is used in most of the job positions in Singapore and, therefore, fluency in English is crucial. Proficiency in an additional language may be required depending on the industry or the position.

Age and Health Requirements: As in most countries, there are no legal age limitations to working in Singapore. However, some industries may require you to reach a specific age to be employed. You also need to fulfill the health requirements as stated by the Ministry of Manpower.

Application Process to Get Job in Singapore

Everyone desires to get a decent paying job; hence, getting a job opportunity in a foreign nation like Singapore is like an icing on the cake. Some of the reasons which makes Indians to seek employment in Singapore include opportunities in recruitment policies, low rate of personal taxation, and high-quality living standard. The ones looking to work in Singapore can start the application process as follows:

1. Do Research on Singaporean Job Market

Securing a job in a foreign country is not as easy as securing one in one’s own country of residence. Before applying for an appropriate employment opportunity, there are several things you should consider.

Thus, prior to anything, learn the state of employment in the country. It is in this regard that Singapore can boast of a good and competitive job market. The unemployment rate here is comparatively lower than other countries, which has made it a dream working destination for nearly all job seekers from around the globe.

The first step is to determine the best sectors of the country that relate with your job description so that you can target them. It might be useful to reference real industry reports, conditions on the labor market, etc., as sources to base your research on. In addition, it would also be useful to gain understanding of employment laws and regulations for migrant workers. This will be of immense benefit to you, especially when you are seeking employment opportunities.

2. Create a Resume as per Singaporean Job Market Standards

Having a resume (CV) and a covering letter is also a useful way to present yourself and your skills to the potential employer. It is the beginning of acquiring the right job that you always wanted to have in your life. Therefore, there is a need to write a professional CV and one that can pass through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). So, use a reliable ATS resume template when creating your resume. Things you must consider while working on your CV are:

Ensure that it meets the Singapore standard as required.

It should be easy to understand.

Do not overstate anything in it either.

Be careful with spelling and do not make grammatical mistakes.

Add your hobbies

Explain your career goals clearly and eloquently

3. Apply on Singaporean Job Websites

Once you have researched on the Singapore job market and have developed a high quality ATS-friendly resume, you can proceed to the next significant stage of the process of employment in Singapore, namely, applying for job.

Some trustable Singapore job site where you can apply for the job are:





Monster and many others

Sign up on these sites and then apply for the job offer. When applying for job advertisements, thoroughly read the job description to ensure it suits your abilities and knowledge. Also, one needs to investigate the company or employer one is applying to as well before applying for a job. This will assist you in the identification of any likely job scams.

4. Prepare for the Interview

Just getting shortlisted to interview for an overseas job is half the battle won. It is a golden ticket that can assist you in transforming your vision of finding a job in another country and making lots of money into a reality.

Therefore, it is crucial to approach this step with meticulous attention to details. Spend adequate time to find and rehearse commonly asked interview questions relevant to your position and industry. In addition, you can also rehearse for the interview in real-time with a friend or a family member.

5. Apply for Work and Employment Permit

Once you secure the interview and get Singapore offer letter, the next and perhaps the most crucial step is to secure an Employment Permit from Ministry of Manpower. It is important to understand that your employer holds the responsibility of applying for the respective employment permit. They can either apply independently or with the assistance of a registered agent.

It can take up to three to four weeks to get the Employment Permit. You will be given an IPA or In-Principle Approval letter after it has been issued. It provides a single gateway to enter Singapore and enables you to obtain the Employment Card directly from the MoM.

6. Complete all the Work Visa Formalities

Once you possess the Employment card, the rest of the immigration procedures such as giving the biometric details, medical examination, etc. are allowed. Be aware that the immigration procedure may be different due to the details of the specific case. Therefore, before venturing in, it is advised to research the specific process and fare on the Ministry of Manpower’s website.


Indians living in Singapore have a lot of work options, with IT employment being particularly popular. You must adhere to the process and fulfil all legal requirements if you also wish to get job in Singapore from India. Numerous websites present job openings in Singapore. However, you must first verify their legitimacy. We hope that this post was useful to you while you look for work. Best wishes!