Best Part Time Jobs in Canada for Indians

Best Part Time Jobs in Canada for Indians  

Due to its great educational standards, diversity of cultures, wide range of course offerings, and strong career prospects, Canada has emerged as one of the most sought-after studies abroad destinations for Indian graduates or freshers worldwide.
But if you are wondering that if there are jobs in Canada for Indian graduates while studying in Canada as an international student, the answer is YES. While some part-time jobs require you to work a few evenings or weekends, others give you greater flexibility and let you create your own schedule for work.
So, if you are heading for higher studies and looking for ways to manage your expenses via part-time work, this blog is for you. It will help you explore some of the best part-time jobs eligibility criteria, average pay, and all other important details.
Read the entire blog to learn about some of the top part-time jobs for international students studying in Canada.

Top Cities in Canada to Study and Work

According to the 2022 Global ranking by QS, the following are the top five cities that welcome Indian students and offer them great part-time jobs opportunities in Canada.

City Global Ranking Overall Scores
Toronto 13 89.7
Vancouver 18 85.6
Ottawa 53 70.8
Quebec 113 46.5
Montreal 9 92.1


Best Part-Time Jobs for International Students

Here are the top six highest paying part-time jobs in Canada for Indian studying in Canada:

1. Tutor

One of the best part-time employment opportunities being an Indian graduate in Canada can be teaching others. This could be the right job if you have a lot of knowledge and experience in a particular field and the patience to do it. You can tutor students at the university or college level and teach any subject you want or even teach kids at elementary school. It is considered to be one of the most sought-after part-time professions in Canada and could help you in the future too.
You can do this by yourself or register for an academic tutoring program. The pay you get is based on the subject’s nature.
Pay: Some tutors might make up to $50 per hour, particularly if the subject is challenging.

2. Freelancer

After studying in Canada, you can work as a writer. This is a fantastic option for you if you like writing or editing. So, why not practice your abilities while earning money if you have free time between school assignments? You can control what you write about and where and when you register, whether at home or elsewhere. Freelancer jobs offer you great compensation, depending on your client and the quality of work you produce.
Pay: Depending on the client and the type of work you create; freelancing offers an excellent salary. You can typically earn up to $25 per hour.

3. Server/Bartender

The most typical part-time profession in Canada for Indian students can be of a waitress or bartender, mainly because of the flexible schedule it offers. However, it frequently requires working on weekends and evenings.
Although as bartenders, you won’t make the best money per hour, but know that working as servers and bartenders can get you high tips. Depending on your sales, you can earn between $75.00 and $200.00 in tips per night, possibly even more. In Canada, tips are often between 15% and 20%, although they vary by establishment, the hour of the day, and day of the week.
Pay: You can typically earn up to $25/hour.

4. Uber or Lyft Driver

One of the most sought-after part-time jobs for students in Canada today is as an Uber or Lyft driver. However, to drive for Uber or Lyft, you must be at least 21 years old, have a reliable automobile, driving license and have a smartphone. The most favored times you can work as a cab driver are early mornings, late evenings, and weekends. Like a waiter or bartender, you’ll undoubtedly earn more money driving on the weekends if you live in a city with a sizable student population.
Pay: On average, you can get paid $14-$25 per hour as an Uber driver.

5. Nanny

Do you enjoy being around children, or do you have any previous experience looking after them? If so, you could work as a nanny on the side. Whether it’s bringing children up from school, making dinner, putting them to bed, or just keeping them entertained, many parents ask for help with their kids.
The hours are usually flexible, and occasionally you can finish your assignments while the kids are napping—the likelihood of you getting the job increases if you have CPR training. The hourly rate could be greater or lower depending on how well you complete your tasks.
Pay: On average, you can earn around CAD$14.67 per hour.

6. Salesperson

If you are good at talking to people, a job in sales may provide you with the income and flexibility you are hoping for. You can develop a wide range of transferable skills while working as a salesperson. The place you work, though, has a total impact on your remuneration. You can make good money by working at firms that provide commission-based sales. To break this down, if you sell more, you make more—it’s as simple as that!
Pay: On average, a salesperson can earn around $12.42- $50 per hour.

How Many Hours Can You Work Off-Campus?

A student can work around 20 hours per week during regular semesters and classes. While on summer and winter breaks or a spring or fall reading week, students are permitted to work full-time. You may work longer hours than usual, take two part-time jobs at once, or even work overtime to make enough money to cover your living expenses in Canada.


These were some of the best, highest-paying part-time jobs in Canada for Indian students to take care of their living expenses and build successful careers. It might take a while for you to land a good and comfortable position, but it is worth the wait. To get the best guidance, get in touch with a reputable immigration consultant near you. So, take a step towards building your career independently.