Your Complete Guide on New Zealand Spouse Visa

Your Complete Guide on New Zealand Spouse Visa 

New Zealand is considered to be one of the most sought-after locations for both relocation and travel. The good news is that this country permits the partner of a New Zealand citizen to apply for a spouse visa. So, if your spouse or partner is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, the New Zealand spouse or partner visa allows you the opportunity to apply for New Zealand residency. Let us find out how. But first, let us understand the categories under the spouse visa.    

Categories Under the Spouse Visa in New Zealand 

Regardless of whether you are married to or merely a partner of a New Zealand resident, or if you identify as a member of the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Queer) community, if you meet the immigration rules and fall under the specified categories set by the New Zealand authorities, you will always be welcomed in the country. Let’s get a clear understanding of what these categories are: 

Three Categories under the Partner Visa in New Zealand: 

Partnership Residence Visa Partnership Visitor/Work Visa Partner of a Worker Work Visa
If you are a partner of a New Zealand citizen or resident, you need a partnership residence visa. After that, you can apply for a permission to reside permanently in New Zealand under this category. You can also be given a PR visa if your partner is a New Zealand citizen and the two of you have lived together outside New Zealand for 5 years or more. Your visa will be based on your partner’s if they are an employee in New Zealand. These visas could have a 12- to 24-month validity period if granted. Keep in mind that a visiting visa would not have any work privileges, whereas a work visa would allow for open work rights. This visa will enable you to work in New Zealand if your partner is in New Zealand on a work visa. You’ll be able to find employment while enjoying New Zealand’s natural beauty, its rich culture, and welcoming residents.

Benefits of Having a New Zealand Spouse Visa 

Now that the categories are cleared, let’s see some of the benefits of having a New Zealand spouse visa: 

  • No age limit to apply for a New Zealand spouse visa 
  • No IELTS score requirement as such. 
  • No point system and no qualification requirements as such. 
  • You can avail yourself of health, Medicare, and other social security benefits. 
  • You can live, work, study and do business in New Zealand.  

Amazing, Right? 

New Zealand Spouse Visa Checklist 

To apply for a New Zealand spouse visa, you and your partner must meet the following checklist: 

  • Meet Age Requirements 

Although there is no age limit to apply for a spouse visa, you and your partner must be at least 18 years or older when applying for a New Zealand partner visa.  

  • Get Clearance from Immigration Officer 

To get a sponsor visa to New Zealand, you and your partner need to get clearance from immigration office. He will decide whether you get a visa or not. So, make sure all your answers satisfy the immigration officer. The New Zealand immigration officer is going to assess your relationship on the following factors: 

  1. How long have you been together? 
  2. Whether you support each other financially 
  3. How do you share financial responsibilities? 
  4. How long have you been living together as a couple? 
  5. How committed are you to a life together? 
  6. Whether you share everyday household tasks? 
  7. Whether other people recognize your relationship?
  8. Whether you own property together and share your property. 
  9. Any children you have together, including your arrangements for their care? 
  10. Whether you share everyday household tasks? 
  11. Whether other people recognize your relationship? 
  • Have an Eligible Sponsor  

 Your spouse or partner must have an eligible sponsor in New Zealand. 

  • Other Requirements  

You and your partner must meet the following requirements in order to be awarded a New Zealand partner visa: 

  • Your partner must be qualified to support your application and both of you must be in excellent health. 
  • Your spouse or partner must be a citizen or resident of New Zealand. 
  • Before submitting the application, both parties must have known and/or met each other and be at least 18 years old at the time of marriage. 
  • A real and stable connection must have existed between you and your partner for at least a year before you may apply for a New Zealand spouse visa. 

New Zealand Spouse Visa Process  

Now that you have tick marked the checklist, let’s move ahead and know the process of getting a New Zealand Spouse Visa: 

1. Prepare Your Documents  

The first stage in the process is to gather and give accurate, authentic documents and information to the authorities, such as: 

  • Identity proof 
  • Proof of your relationship with your partner 
  • Proof of your character 
  • Evidence you are in good health 
  • Proof of your dependents, etc.  

Make sure that you do not submit any bogus paperwork or information that is inaccurate or deceptive. Your application will be turned down in that situation, and you won’t be able to apply for any visas for the following five years. 

2. Get Your Partner to Support Application 

Once you have your paperwork ready, you can contact your partner or sponsor who is a New Zealand resident and citizen to ask them to support your application. To achieve this, they must complete and sign a “Partnership Support Form for Residence” and present all necessary documentation to demonstrate their status as your potential sponsor. 

3. Apply for a New Zealand Spouse/ Partner Visa 

At this stage, the applicant must complete a Residence Application form. The applicant shall attach their personal documents, qualification certificates, and employment documents. You need to pay the visa application fee through credit card only. 

4. Wait for Result  

In this last stage, the New Zealand authorities will check your application against predetermined requirements and have the documents independently verified. If your documents are strong enough; the requirements of the specified category are being met, you will qualify for the spouse visa.  

How Long Does it Take to Get a New Zealand Spouse Visa? 

New Zealand spouse visa processing standard time is around 8-10 months; however, it may vary from case to case. 90% of applications are currently completed within the time frame. However, it may also depend on the following factors: 

  • Quality of documents 
  • Reaction time for ADR
  • Your application’s source location 
  • An application waiting number. 

FAQs on New Zealand Spouse Visa 

Do you still have questions regarding filing your New Zealand spouse visa? If you are still doubtful, the following questions might just clear all your doubts: 

1. Is IELTS Required to get a New Zealand spouse visa? 

No, it is not necessary. To be eligible for the New Zealand spouse visa and permanent residency in New Zealand, the spouse or partner must have the IELTS with a minimum required score. 

2. Do I have to live with my partner for a partner visa? 

Yes, the couple seeking for the New Zealand partner visa must show proof that their relationship is current and sincere, as well as that their relationship is stable. 

3. Can I bring my girlfriend to New Zealand? 

You can travel to New Zealand with your girlfriend on a partner visa if you have a de facto relationship. All the conditions of the de facto relationship must be met by you both. 

4. What is the fee for New Zealand spouse visa?  

New Zealand spouse visa or the fees depends upon the location where you are applying from and the mode of application. But on average, the usual application fee costs around NZ$ 2250, which is not refundable. Your NZ spouse visa fee can be paid online with a Visa, MasterCard, or Union Pay card (only New Zealand or Australian residents or citizens). 

Wrapping Up!  

Hope that this overview helped you better understand the steps necessary to obtain a spouse visa. Once you meet the requirements, you are free to live with your partner in New Zealand. The laws governing immigration in New Zealand may, however, occasionally change without prior notice. Hence, you need immigration guidance all the way. Consult, immivoyage to get professional help. Good luck!