UK Skilled Worker Visa Eligibility and Process

When it comes to one of the most economically developed nations on the planet, the United Kingdom stands among the top nations. It is one of the sought-after locations in the world for employment. Due to its wide array of opportunities, advanced development, fantastic working environment, strong economy, and good education, the UK continues to be a destination for many people who desire to relocate for better opportunities. Nevertheless, you must have a Work Visa in the uk to move to the permanently.

Due to good minimum wage, extended paid holidays, and longer paid holidays, the living status in the UK has drastically improved over the last few decades. It has led to the United Kingdom welcoming more immigrants than any other nation So, who wouldn’t want to study in the UK and work there?

That’s why we have prepared this blog where you will learn everything about how to apply for Skilled Worker Visa UK, Skilled Worker Visa UK eligibility, and the documentation process. But first, let us understand what a skilled worker visa is.

What is a UK Skilled Worker Visa?

This visa permits employers to allow non-UK citizens to work in the UK in certain skilled positions. The Visa is available to applicants who reach 70 points by fulfilling specified eligibility criteria, such as having a qualifying employment offer from a UK business with a valid sponsoring license, English language proficiency, and meeting skill and pay levels.

Dependent kids, long-term partners, or spouses may seek to join the primary visa application in the UK as dependent Skilled Workers. A Skilled Worker UK Visa is given for up to 5 years when the worker can apply for UK Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.


1. Eligibility Criteria & Documents Needed

You must fulfill the following requirements to qualify for Skilled Worker Visa UK:

You need a job offer that has been confirmed
You must receive a sponsorship document from your Employer that carries information on the duties of the position you will hold in the UK.
Your income must be at least £27,000 per year or £10.10 per hour.
Your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills must be at least B1 level.
You must work for an employer in the UK who has received approval from the Home Office
You must hold a position on the list of approved occupations, which is available on the website of the UK Government. You must know the occupation code of your employment to determine eligibility. If you don’t see the code, you can use the ONS occupation coding tool to look for your work.
As per the point-based-system, you need to earn 70 points in total

 2. Documents Required

For this visa , you require the following documents:

  • Current Employment data
  • Marriage and birth certificates
  • Academic and professional certificates
  • English language proficiency with grades and clearance documents
  • Travel, National Insurance numbers, and health insurance details
  • Letter of an employment offer/sponsorship certificate from an authorized UK business
  • A valid passport with a travel itinerary and visa stamps
  • Bank statements of current and previous year salary slips
  • Additional details as per the job
  • After police verification from a reputed law & enforcement agency, get your NOC on criminal records
  • Maintaining sufficient cash for the main applicant and his dependents, if any
  • Awards or certificates of praise for outstanding works, if any

3. How to Apply for a Skilled Worker Visa UK?

To be considered for a Skilled Worker UK Visa, the candidate must submit an online application and all the relevant documents and pay the full fee. Applications may be submitted up to three months before the worker’s anticipated first day of employment in the UK, as shown on the Certificate of Sponsorship.

After receiving their Certificate of Sponsorship, the candidate has three months to submit an online application. Every certificate has a unique reference number that must be used. Additionally, they must keep a scheduled appointment at the Visa application center and submit all the supporting documents. Let’s go through these three steps to apply for UK Skilled Worker Visa briefly:

Get Sponsorship License from Employer: This step is in Employer’s hands. They will be extensively scrutinized before applying for a sponsorship license directly through UKVI, UK Visas, and Immigration.
Sponsorship Certificate: The authorized sponsor submits a COS – Certificate of the Sponsorship application for the position they wish to fill with a non-resident worker. Once the COS has been assigned, the immigrant may apply for a work visa.
Acquire your Skilled Worker Visa UK: As the last step, the applicant must submit a Visa application. This is accomplished by using their COS number and confirming their eligibility for a skilled worker visa.

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