Top Colleges in the UK for International Students

Top Colleges in the UK for International Students

It is no surprise that many international students choose the United Kingdom. Reason?  The study destination has  a convenient location, world-leading research centers, promising career opportunities, and some globally recognized universities.

For Indian students planning to study in the UK, know that the UK is considered to be the best country to study abroad for Indian students. You will even have many scholarship opportunities that await you and a chance to pursue higher education at some of the oldest educational institutions in the world. Whether you plan to do a UG course or a master’s in the UK, you can make a great career ahead here.

But the real challenge is choosing a college that’s right for you. To help you find the perfect UK colleges that match your goals at the same time, we have selected some of the best colleges.

So, now let’s take you through some of the best colleges in the UK. These colleges are in no particular order or ranking:

Best Universities/Colleges in the UK

1. Kingston University

As per the Guardians 2022, rankings Kingston University is ranked within the top 50 universities in the UK. This university offers you a specific focus on professional arts and crafts, making it a perfect destination for students interested in designs, illustration, and animation.

The campus here is relatively compact, and several accommodation options are available. The Colleges in the UK also has a thriving community for international students. There are also postgraduate scholarship opportunities and meet-ups for international students.

Specialty: Great for art students

Location: London

Cost of Living: Approx. $1136/month +rent


2. Oxford University

Oxford is quite a popular name; almost everyone has heard of it. With around 920 years old structure, it is considered the 2nd oldest university in the world. The university has a beautiful campus, and for your information, some scenes from Harry Potter were filmed here. Amazing, isn’t it?

Over 20,000 students attend Oxford, with around 40% being international students. It has about 340 graduate programs to choose from. Oxford continues to be a research leader in the humanities and medicine fields. It has a long and illustrious history as one of the best universities in the world.

Specialty: Known for great historical significance.

Location: Oxford

Cost of Living: Approx. $924/month +rent


3. University of Manchester

The university offers over 1,000 degrees ranging from foundation courses to PHDs. Also, with around 8000 international students, Manchester claims to have one of the most diverse student populations in the UK. Accommodation is also guaranteed for all fee-paying international students. They also offer the facility of airport pickup for students around the world, including Thailand, Hong Kong, and Brunei.

Specialty: Great for football fans

Location: Manchester

Cost of Living: Approx. $901/month +rent


4. University of Nottingham

Nottingham is in the midlands, rolling green fields, and on the banks of the river Trent. The University of Nottingham occupies a significant position in England’s international universities. It is an influential research colleges in the UK and is ranked 8th in research power. They offer students an interdisciplinary approach to research which has led the alum to win many Nobel prizes.

The campus is broken into 4 main campuses, and a free hopper bus connects all of them. Nottingham’s emphasis on internationalism in all areas of study has made it a great choice among international students.

Specialty: Great for research studies

Location: England

Cost of Living: Approx. $853/month +rent


5. University of Buckingham

The University of Buckingham is the UK’s only private university with a royal charter and only 1000 students, but more than half of the students are from overseas. It offers five schools of teaching: Arts, humanities, languages, business and science, and medicine. As a private university, the fee can be more here, but the university offers an accelerated two-year degree, which helps mitigate the overall cost of studying. This means that you can complete your graduation in two years, then move to a one-year master’s degree and do both in three years.

The university offers small class sizes, a 10:1 student: academic staff ratio, and a small student population. According to a National student survey, the University of Buckingham is ranked sixth in overall student satisfaction and third in academic support throughout England.

Specialty: Only independent university with a royal charter

Location: Buckingham

Cost of Living: Approx. $986/month +rent


6. Bristol University

Bristol University was the first UK university to welcome women on an equal level with men and the first in the UK to have a drama department. The university is in downtown Bristol, a thriving yet relaxed town of cafes, bars, museums, and various shops. It is located in southwest England and was a finalist for the European capital of culture in 2008.

The university is also known to be environmentally friendly as it was the first-ever university to become involved with the Green Impact Awards and is accredited as ‘Fairtrade University’. In 2020, the University of Bristol started with an anti-racism steering group to address the university’s personal, cultural, and structural racism.

Specialty: Great for sustainability and social progress

Location: Bristol

Cost of Living: Approx. $914/month +rent


7. UCL (University College London)

Founded in 1826, UCL is the UK’s largest university in total enrollment. It is inspired by radical thinking as it was the first-ever university to admit students regardless of gender and religion. With around eleven faculties and over 100 departments, the institute delivers some high-quality teaching and research.

It is ranked in the top ten globally in architecture, education and training, anthropology, and other fields. The university promotes education and culture through museums that include anything from archaeology to autonomy to art. It is particularly well known for administering the Orwell Prize, a famous honor for political literature in London.

Specialty: Famous for architecture and archaeology

Location: London

Cost of Living: $933/month +rent



Deciding to study in the UK, no matter how long or what level, will always be a crucial decision. But what matters most is whether you’ll be happy with the college you have chosen and can get the education and experience you desire. We hope the above-listed colleges will help you decide where you want to head to. But getting help from an immigration consultant is advisable to reach your true potential. Hence, Immivoyage, an immigration consultant in Mohali, can be a great choice. Feel free to contact. Good luck!