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Study In Australia Scholarships For Indian Students 2021


Are you thinking to study in Australia Scholarships for Indian students? If yes, then you are in the right place. We’ve got you covered.   



Many Australian universities and colleges provide different scholarships for Indian students to help them fund their studies. Not only this but many scholarships, grants are also offered by the Australian government, public and private established companies. 

So, today, in this article, we will be talking about different Australian scholarships for Indian students in 2021, the eligibility criteria, and the closing dates.  



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 Different Types of Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Australia 

Australia Award Scholarships 

 australia Award Scholarship

This scholarship will be provided to graduate students who  enrolled in engineering, construction, energy and resources, and strategic studies at Australian universities. And will cover all parts of your living expenses and tuition fees. Applications for this scholarship open every year in February and continue till April. 

The most important thing to remember about this scholarship is that you need to return to India once you are done with your program.  


Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships

 These scholarships are provided to the international students by the different universities on behalf of the education department. Those students who enrolled in research masters and doctorate programs covers their one or more year’s tuition fees, cost of living, and other study-related expenses. 

A research master’s scholarship is for 2 years, and a research doctorate program is for 3 or 4 years.  

GyanDhan Scholarships

Gyandhan University

For bright student who want to study abroad, gyandhan offers Rs.1 lakh scholarship to one student. This scholarship is a one-time reward provided to the student at the start of his academic year. 

The student who is selected is eligible for the scholarship in the postgraduate program, regardless of the course and the country. It is a merit-based scholarship given to a student with an excellent academic record.  

Destination Australia Scholarships

Destination Australia Scholarships

These scholarships encourage international students to study in Australian territory institutions and offer a great learning experience because the Australian Government Department of Education funds it, and the applications for this scholarship open every year around December.  









What are the Criteria to Apply for Study in Australia Scholarships?

Study in Australia scholarshipp  



The most important criteria for getting these scholarships are an excellent academic record or scores, though it depends on subjects, chosen cities, etc. In some scholarships, co-curricular activities, volunteering also play a significant role in getting selected.  



 You may need to give an English language proficiency test like IELTS, which Australian universities and colleges commonly accept.  



Note: Due to the current Covid-19 travel restrictions, no applications are being accepted for 2021. the application will resume at the end of this year if this pandemic situation gets better. Otherwise, it will be continuing from next year, i.e.,2022.  



Wrapping Up –  



In the end, we can say that the study abroad scholarships are one of the best things that can happen to anyone because it covers tuition fees, cost of living and other study-related expenses very well. Though, getting a scholarship is challenging and competitive. So you must apply ahead of time. 

However, most Australian universities or colleges have their list of scholarships for Indian students. But don’t worry if you get stuck at any point; contact Australia visa consultants Mohali, and get guidance on your student visa to Australia.