How to Apply for the Super visa

How to apply for the Super Visa

Who doesn’t want a well-settled and successful life abroad? We all do! Canada is one of the most popular destinations that most people choose for pursuing higher education or planning their careers.

There are different types of visas available for those planning to visit Canada. But do you know which visa is best for your Canada immigration? And, do you know about the visa approval process? If not, don’t worry we can help you move ahead with the Canadian visa application process. But first let us talk about a special type of visa, Canadian Super Visa for parents :

What is a Super Visa?

Super Visa was introduced by the Canadian government to help parents and grandparents to live with their family members in Canada for longer periods of time.

It gives them a Canadian temporary resident permit which is valid for up to ten years. To apply for the Canadian Super Visa for parents, applicants must be able to provide proof of funds and show that they will not stay longer than the authorised period.

Process for Super Visa

Now that we are aware what a Super Visa is, let’s take you through the application process for the Super Visa:

  1. Meet the Requirements

As an applicant you must be a parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, and this is the primary requirement to proceed with a super visa application. The complete process includes:

  • A form representing the total number of members in the family.
  • Super visa for parents should have a signed copy from your grandchild or grandparents who are inviting you to Canada.
  • Should provide proof of all insurance bills paid in a calendar year.

2. Financial Assurance

You must be able to prove that you will not become a burden on the social assistance system and have enough money to support yourself and your family members in Canada. (Proof of sufficient funds, which must be equal to or greater than CAD $10,000 in savings). The documents include:

  • Tax documents from the previous year, or NOA [notice of assessment].
  • Employment insurance, as well as salary, date of hire, and job title, followed by a description.
  • Required bank statement proofs.

Include Tax forms specifically T4/T1. At times the submission of any official copy from a working organization.

3. Residential Proof

The applicant must have at least 10 years of continuous residence in another country before coming to Canada, as well as proof that you have been living abroad for at least 1 year since becoming a permanent resident or citizen of the other country. This verification process includes a few document submissions, like –

  • One-year residential proof of bill payments for the previous year, including any household or external scheme bills.
  • A form submission of permanent Canadian residency. A copy of the list, including every household member.

4. Insurance Validation

As part of the application process, you need to have valid travel insurance. For insurance validation, you need to submit the following:

  • A certificate of insurance from your insurer stating that you are covered for all necessary medical expenses as well as repatriation.
  • A letter from your insurer confirming your acceptance for insurance coverage.

Here, you must ensure that your insurance policy does not expire before the planned departure date.

5. Sponsorship

You must have a close family residing in Canada who can sponsor you. Make sure your family members should have enough money to support you as well their family members during your stay in Canada.

6. Documentations

The documentation process for a super visa is quite simple. You just need to provide the following documents:

  • A copy of your passport;
  • A copy of the passport or birth certificate of your child/grandchild in Canada;
  • Proof that you have enough money to bear living expenses in Canada;
  • Proof that you have purchased travel insurance for the duration of your stay in Canada;
  • A letter from each child/grandparent requesting permission to enter Canada.

7. Time Duration

The Super Visa application process typically takes 3-6 months to complete, but it can take longer if there are any issues with the application.

8. External Visa Application Process

While applying for Canadian Super Visa for your parents or other family members from the outside of Canada you must consider few other things:

  • You should follow all the visa instructions.
  • You need to take a medical test for immigration.
  • Also, you should submit all the required documents, including medical, residency, financial, and insurance documents, as per the instructions given by the members of the visa and immigration council.
  • Get the visa application form from outside Canada for the submission.

9. Some Additional Requirements

Apart from the above steps, there are a few more considerations that Canada immigration specialists will check for, and they are:

  • The main reason for your Canada’s visit.
  • Cross-checking your family and financial history.
  • An overall summary of your country’s economic and political consistency.

Additionally, the Super Visa is valid for multiple entries into Canada, as long as the visitor has a valid passport and presents it at the border after meeting all other entry requirements.

Also, here the application process includes an interview, it does not require an in-person visit, which can make it easier for people who live in remote areas with limited transportation options.

Final Words

  • We know that Canada is one of the best places in the world for both education and career advancement. If you are looking for a Canadian visa, then you could opt for a Super Visa by following the steps mentioned above and have a safe stay.
  • If you are all set to move to Canada, then make sure that you have all the relevant information about the immigration process and prepare yourself accordingly. Immivoyage Consultants in Mohali is here to help you get the Super Visa easily without compromising with the security standards.