The Genuine Temporary Entrant: A Step-by-Step Guide to Studying in Australia

The Genuine Temporary Entrant: A Step-by-Step Guide to Studying in Australia

Australian education is considered one of the best in the world. It has world-class universities, colleges and TAFE (Tertiary and Further Education) institutions that provide quality education for students from all over the world which is why many international students choose to study in Australia.  

Getting a genuine temporary entrant (GTE) is a good option for studying in Australia as it enables individuals to study in Australia and then return to their home countries, benefiting from their Australian experience. It is essential for anyone who intends to travel, study and then return to their home country.

Before understanding what GTE is and what are GTE requirements in Australia, let us check out why you should consider studying in Australia.

Why Study in Australia?

Apart from its universities known for their research and academic excellence, Australia also has a very diverse and multicultural environment. Students can experience different cultures while still enjoying their time at school or university.

1. Some of the cheapest universities in Australia that offer high-quality education are:

2. What is GTE in Australia?

A Genuine Temporary Entrant or GTE is one of the most important temporary visa subclasses in Australia that allows you to enter Australia as a genuine visitor. They are usually granted on the basis that the applicant will temporarily enter Australia in order to work, study or visit family members. Therefore, this type of visa is perfect for students considering studying abroad in Australia.

The Genuine Temporary Entrant stream lets you stay in Australia for up to 18 months on a temporary primary visa, with the option of extending again. In order to be eligible for this visa, you should be able to support yourself and any family members who are travelling with you using funds that are not provided by the Australian government. You will also need to show that your visit will not be detrimental to the Australian community.

If you have been invited by an Australian permanent resident to visit their home, then you could be eligible for this visa given that you show your genuine purpose for the visit.

3. GTE in Australia Requirements

In order to study in Australia as a genuine temporary entrant, you will need to satisfy the GTE requirements. If you are deemed a “genuine” student, your student visa will be issued with the GTE stamp, allowing you to stay and study in Australia.

To be deemed as “genuine”, you must prove that you intend to travel to Australia for study purposes only and plan on returning home at the end of your studies. The documents you need for GTE include:

1. Valid passport
2. Digital photo
3. Id proofs (Aadhar and Pan card)
4. Sponsors Id proof (Aadhar and Pan card)
5. Sponsors Id proof (Aadhar and Pan card)
6. Sponsors job proof
7. Fard/ property / papers
8. Sponsors support affidavit
9. Self-affidavit
10. Funds
11. CA report and property valuation report

4. Factors Accessed for GTE Approval

Once you apply for the student visa, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) will look at your circumstances, immigration history, and all other relevant information about your profile before your GTE approval. Let’s look at the important factors considered in regards to a genuine temporary entrant visa in detail:

5. Situations in Your Home Country (or Country of Residence)

Situations in your home country is important when considering your GTE Australia visa application as it may influence whether you are considered for a student visa or not. The authorities consider your personal ties to your home country or region, and if a similar course is available there. They also look at the political and civil unrest in your home country, as well as any economic situation, military service commitments, so on.

6. Potential Situation in Australia

The Department of Home Affairs considers your ties to Australia with a focus on your family, financial security and health which presents a strong incentive to stay in the country. It also considers the level of knowledge you have about the proposed course, as well as your previous study and qualifications. They also consider if you will have adequate living arrangements while studying overseas.

7. Relevance of Your Chosen Course

The course you chose to study in Australia must be relevant to the field of practice and provide opportunities for career advancement. You must consider whether the course is in line with your current level of education or not, whether it is relevant to past or proposed future employment in your home country or a third country. Other things to consider include expected salary and other benefits that can be obtained with your qualifications from your proposed course of study.

8. Your Immigration History

Your immigration history is important. If you have previously applied for a visa to Australia or any other country, it will be considered whether your application was approved, refused or cancelled and if there were any issues in relation to it. Some completed applications may also need to be referred to the immigration department for further clarification before your application for this visa is approved.


Now you know all the requirements for GTE, you can quickly get to the visa filing process. Applying for a visa is not as complicated as it seems. Save your time and apply for your student visa to Australia with Immivoyage. Get in touch with us to find out more!