New Rules in Uk Student Visa

New Rules in UK Student Visa in 2024



In the past year, the UK has significantly changed its immigration rules to tame excessive immigration. The goal is to bring the far too-high migration down. That’s why the UK government has decided to introduce new rules in UK student visa starting in 2024.

These visa rules will affect new students seeking higher studies in the UK. So, if you’re a student  you should know about the new student visa changes. Let us look at these new rules for international students in UK.

What are the Changes In Immigration Rules?

The present reform attempts to balance several elements in the immigration system, such as family and work visas, status for dependents, occupation lists, graduate visas, and English language requirements. Let us now explore these recent changes and see their possible effects on international students who intend to study in the UK:

  • Changes to Family and Work Visas: The UK government has initially increased the minimum income threshold to Pound of £29,000 required to sponsor a spouse/partner visa from £18,600. This higher income threshold might affect international students who want to continue their studies in the UK. The minimum salary for a Skilled Worker visa is now £38,700 an increase from £26,720. This could make it difficult for international graduates living in the UK to get work permits and reduce their prospects of staying there and working.
  • Restrictions on Dependents: According to new rule, after January 2024, most international students can’t bring their dependents in the UK. Hence, they cannot bring their partners or their children under 18 through a student visa. This may include students who have to take care of their relatives or are planning to bring their family members during their studies. These regulations don’t affect students who are researching under postgraduate research program visas or students studying under government-approved scholarship programs.
  • Changes to the Immigration Salary List: The current Shortage Occupation List will be replaced with by Immigration Salary List. The effect will take place after March 14, 2024. This UK SOL currently has an in-demand jobs list, and people applying for these jobs have their visas processed more quickly. The introduction of a new immigration category may change the job opportunities available to international students after they graduate.
  • English Language Requirement: From April 04, 2024, International GCSE is included in the list of English qualifications that applicants can use to demonstrate that they have met the English language proficiency requirement. which will increase the english proficiency bar at number of institutions
  • Review of the Graduate Visa: The UK government has called on the Migration Advisory Committee to re-examine the Graduate Visa. This visa is offered to students who graduate from British universities in last two years. The time period is three years for PhD graduates and does not require any job offer or sponsorship. The outcome of this review will determine the changes there may be to the conditions of this visa. This review will, in turn, affect the prospects of students getting a job after the completion of their studies.

These modifications show the UK government’s aim of keeping the net migration level in check. International students should   well informed of how they might affect their study and post-study plans in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rules for Student Visa in UK

Let’s look at a few questions people often ask about the new rules in UK student visas. International students need to know the new rules, which will help them decide about their carrer prospects in UK. Let us now go through some of the frequently asked questions.

What Will Be the Effect of New Rules on Old Students?

The new regulations primarily limit the number of international students who can bring their family members to the UK. Moreover, students must complete the course application before changing to a work visa.

The exception is only for full-time students whose PhD or doctorate programs last over nine months. Or their research-based higher degree programs which can last more than six months.

What is The Possible Way to Bring a Spouse or Relative?

According to new rules in UK student visa, the minimum income needed to sponsor a spouse/partner visa is £29,000 instead of £18,600. The sponsorship applicant must now have an income of at least £29,000.

Will there Be Any Fine for Illegal Working?

From 2024, the employer fine for a first violation will increase from £15,000 to £45,000 for every employee found working unauthorized or violating their visa conditions. Subsequently, the second-time fine can be between £20,000 to £60,000.

What is the Salary Requirement for New Workers?

The minimum salary for Skilled Worker visa is £38,700 as compared to £25,200 earlier. The recruits will be paid £30,960 or 70% of the market rate for their occupation whichever is lower.

What is the Minimum Requirement for a Family Visa?

From April 11, 2024, the minimum threshold income for sponsoring non-UK family members coming to the UK on a family visa will increase from £18,600 to £29,000.


The UK remains one of the top destinations for Indian students looking to pursue higher education. If you are considering continuing your studies in the UK, thoroughly review the recent rules for student visa in UK and see how they can affect you. Therefore, If you don’t want to be stuck in England during your education, worrying about your visa applicability and other related concerns. Contact trusted Visa Consultants For more detail.